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Welcome to jervis.com.au

My name is Lawrence Brookes. I am the owner and operator of www.jervis.com.au. ABN 16 221 102 940

There are 2 methods of booking on this website.

1 - All Snowy Mountains Properties. We pass on your booking request directly on to the Managing Agency.
You will then make payment directly to them and their Trust Account.
You will be bound by their Terms and Conditions.

2 - All South Coast Properties. You will be booking directly with holiday property owners. Enquiries are forwarded on to the owners and then the booking is made directly between the client and the owner. The owner then pays an advertising fee to Lawrence Brookes owner of this website.

You will be informed if you are booking with a Managing Agent or directly with an owner before you book.


Key Benefits of booking with jervis.com.au

www.jervis.com.au enable you to search through a great selection of holiday properties on the NSW South Coast. You deal directly with me as a real estate agent and our group of motivated personnel, OR you direct access with the property owners to fulfil all your accommodation needs.

We have been in business operation since 2001!

All properties that are not managed by a Licenced Real Estate Agent are still checked by www.jervis.com.au unlike other online referral websites where some of their listed properties don't even exist or are not like they are described.

The www.jervis.com.au team live in the Jervis Bay / St Georges Basin areas and have qualified and trained personnel to assist you if there are problems. An online booking agency in Sydney or wherever is unlikely to offer this kind of service.

As our fees to the owners are modest you don't pay inflated prices for your holidays

You have the benefits of a great specials page.

We do not list a property unless it reaches an acceptable standard. We cater for all budgets. Luxury to basic, but basic doesn't mean rundown or dirty. Or team of cleaners take pride in their work. If Owners use their own cleaners we expect them to maintain a high standard.

We personally view and review most the properties. All statements listed on the property pages are to our knowledge accurate at last review.


Key Benefits of LISTING your SOUTH COAST property with jervis.com.au

jervis.com.au is now one of the biggest real estate holiday letting
agencies on the south coast of NSW

FREE listing for all properties (no payments unless bookings received)

If you get a booking through our referral, we ask only $15 per night. Payable at the end of the night in which they stayed.

Specialised Target Marketing

All properties receive a free dedicated webpage.

As well as listing your property we can also take over full management for you. Looking after keys, check ins, cleaners, maintenance issues, all bookings, monies are trust accounted, monthly statements newsletters, condition and inventory reports and much more.

We work closely with the owners to achieved a competitive tariff that's acceptable to owners and the guests.

Commissions and fees are structured accordingly to each property and prices on application is available and are very competitive.

www.jervis.com.au concentrates on the Jervis Bay region with a directory service that allows holiday rental properties to list for free.

Interested? Call or email us today.

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